Friday, April 16, 2010

A Conversation With Ed

A conversation with Ed over text:

Me: Iron Man 2 at the Archlight in Hollywood May 8th, are you in?

Ed: Gonna be in Vegas that day, but I'm down for the 7th. Leaving at noon on the 8th and be back on Sunday

Me: Sorry buddy that doesn't work.

Ed: Lol I will just watch it Friday night on my own then.

Me: I bought 16 tickets for Saturday night

Ed: O shit dammit!

Me: Yeah it's cool, enjoy Vegas

Ed: Enjoy Iron man 2. I bought the helmet did I tell you :x

Me: hahahahaha awesome

Ed: Yea it has sound effects and all. I also bought the arc thing that generates his power and shoots a burt of energy from his palm lol.

Me: Wow, how old are you again? That's cool

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